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An advanced set of customizable tags for validating FORM values on the Server-side using User-Defined Functions
Author: Nathan Miller

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As a beginer, I would say is the best resource out there, bar none! I've only been working with ColdFusion for about 6 months now, and through the tutorials and support at EasyCFM I have been able to create full featured sites in half the time. If you have a question at any level, there seems to be someone out there who is very willing to assist you. The Fourm is a great resource. Pablo, webedge, Redmanz, CJ, maquiladoras, to name but a few, are very knowledgable and quick to respond. Without the help and support of these people I would still be learning the basics and not be able to do what I can do today. I can't speak in high enough praise for the folks who help make EasyCFM what it is. Many Props, and keep it up! ApletFX

Mark Aplet, 02/11/2003

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