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This tutorial will show you how to use Image.cfc. I demonstrate several examples of how you can create Image verification for forms, scale down images, watermark images, add text to images, and performing multiple operations to an image.

This tutorial explains how to write a CFC to invoke and interact with Googles SOAP Search API to find your google ranking for your targeted keywords. I labeled this tutorial as "Intermediate" but anyone could follow (even if that means cut/paste!)

This is an Easy tutorial that will provide you with a step by step process on how to pass form values from a Flash ActionScript file to a Coldfusion Page using the LoadVars Object.

This will show you how to make a simple WHOIS search that can be easily added to any site.

This will retrieve the 9 day weather forecast for the specified ZIP code.

Ever wanted to be like google and run your scripts without an extension? This tutorial shows you how with Apache or IIS!

How to restart the ColdFusion service automatically when certain errors occur.

Quick and easy way to sort and list your contacts by last names, in two really really simple steps. Almost everybody who uses a data-driven website has a database containing some information about the users. I had a database table called "contact" in which user's first name, last name, address, zip, email, phone, fax.... everything was listed. If you do have something like that and wish to draw and group your contacts by say last names, maybe you will find this tutorial useful.

This is a custom tag application. The cf_QueryRender custom tag takes your query arguments and gives you a final page table and all...

This is a small application that shows you how to create an MP3 streaming server.

I had no work one day due to a worm attack on our servers, thus a plot to plot a line on a graph was hatched in my empty mind. These files show you, how to plot a line using no database, no java, no long wait times for aplet loading, just 3 tools, Loop, table and text.

I havent come across a "paging" tutorial on this site. I know there are JavaScripts available that help you achieve this, and the DataSet object in VB.Net comes with paging. All you do is "enable paging". But how do you do it in ColdFusion ?

This tutorial shows you how to create a "dataset" just like the one in VB.Net In VB.Net you would create a dataset with "edit" button in an extra column. Once you click "edit", you get an option to "update", "delete" or "cancel edit mode" This is just like a cfgrid tag. Although a cfgrid tag lets you bulk insert, bulk update or bulk delete, the dataset object does it one by one. But cfgrid is slower, and may give users Java errors, depending on their browser settings.

This is an extension to my last tutorial "Breaking down your query results into pages (Paging Tutorial)" which is posted here on www.easycfm.com In the last tutorial, you could retrieve a dataset with a , then use a technique to seperate the results over several pages. It simply ; - took the total "recordCount" - divided that with the "number of records per page" - then displayed the number of pages at the bottom of the table. This is a little more sophisticated than that. Read on...

This is not a tutorial as such, more like an application that you can put in a directory. It could boring if you use the CF editor, to pick "cfform" fill its attributes, then pick "cfinputs" one by one. fill out those attributes... one by one, then change tabs and pick the "submit" button... so on and so forth. Even if you code in a note pad, it might get lengthy to code individual element. Wouldn't it be nicer to code all these elements at once, then just copy the code and paste it in your editor?

RANDOM PASSWORD GENERATOR SCRIPT ! I know there is a random password tutorial here already. This is just another way to do the same. I think this is a little easier to understand. Refresh it to generate a new password string everytime !

Not all queries can be saved as an application variable. For Queries that do not meet the checkpoints in my previous tutorial there is another way to improve performance. Query Caching is another way to save data and eliminate unnecessary queries. This is for queries that are more dynamic in nature.

One thing I am always trying to do is speed up my applications. As my site grows in size and complexity I find that I spend a fair amount of time re-coding pages because of a new technique I just learned. I wish I had learned about these techniques long before, and thereby allowing me to create more effective code. In this tutorial I'll try to explain some problem areas that I have identified, and some of the things you can do to improve performance.

Sometimes, you want to be able to change the color of something on your page. Be it one item, or every item on the page. Using this simple color picker, you can create admin areas that can allow you or your visitors to pick their own colors and the value is automatically inserted into a text field.

Secure Login Password using Pablos User Authentication with Javascript Cryptography

I have seen a couple random image scripts here and there. Most require you to have a list of the images stored in a database somewhere or actually a switch statement with all the images listed there... This code will read a directory, pull all jpg's and choose a random one everytime to be displayed. Alot of my clients have wanted random images. THis is the easiest way I came up with to do it. This way when they want another image in the rotation... all you have to do is upload it to the image directory and its ready to go.

How to create an outlined tree from <ul> and <li> tags, CSS and JavaScript

This tutorial shows how to change an HTML table into an editable grid using JavaScript, XML and ColdFusion Components. No more page reloads! Its easy! Its simple!

Avoid huge dropdowns! This tutorial shows how to dinamically create a suggest list as long as the user fills a form field. Like Google Suggest!

Yes, I know we're a ColdFusion site...but ColdFusion does not live in a vacuum. We have to know SQL, HTML, CSS...and sometimes...JavaScript! This tutorial focuses on using JavaScript (in lieu of cfform) to create client side form validation (and explains why writing your own is better than using ).

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