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This tutorial will show you how secure ways to obtain the ID of the record you inserted, not just the last ID inserted. The tutorial covers this technique in MS Access, MSSQL and MySQL.

Static HTML can help reduce the load on the server. This helps resources be used for other things that you may possibly need. Creating static HTML in ColdFusion is a simple task and can simply be done by following this tutorial.

A very simple tutorial that explains how to add information submitted from a form into a logging file. Very simple, yet lots of possibilities. Important for the beginning CFM programmer

Ever want a place where people can chat or post their opinions? Ever heard of a shout box? This tutorial will give you an easy example of having a shout box on your site.

This is a tutorial to build a simple calculator for your web pages. You should get it pretty easily as you browse through the code.

I have tried hoards of websites on how to install coldfusion on Fedora Core 3 with apache webserver. For some reason the connectors always failed. I had "Ubuntu" on my laptop, basically because "acpi" suspend/hibernate actually works. I decided I might try to install CF there to find out what was going wrong. Surprisingly everything worked like a charm. Make sure you use "apt-get install apache2" before you try this. BEST OF LUCK ....

The principle of this tutorial is similar to "Dynamic time and date for your pages" tutorial. Except that this one generates messages, and that one updated time. Read on, you will get the hang of it....

I like using HomeSite+ for windows, and I am getting used to Dreamweaver Mx. But I still need something just as good for Linux. For some reason, I couldnt get "wine and Dreamweaver Mx" to work. So I "Googled" a bit and stumbled upon Eclipse and cfEclipse. Here is how to set it up.

Have you seen the "www.EasyCFM" page closely? On the main page, top right, there is a place for time, and top left a place for day-date. Ever wonder how Pablo does it ? This is not a ColdFusion tutorial. Its JavaScript.

I have posted a "Basic Calculator" tutorial here. That was more like a representation of how you would calculate with a paper and a pencil. You provide INPUT A then a MATHEMATICAL OPERATION like a "+" or a "-" and then an INPUT B. This is more a represntation of how you would use a regular hand-held calculator complete with buttons for NUMBERS, OPERATIONS and CLEAR TEXT.

Someone on the forum posed a question a short while ago asking how to create a more advanced search function using a + symbol as a separator. So I created this advanced search function. This search function is just slightly better than a normal search as it adds the ability to separate two keywords with a + symbol. Lets start with the search form.

Quickly and easily sort and order records in your database using a cfswitch in your query. Great technique for admin areas of your site, or just allowing visitors to sort the fields they want.

It is very easy to set up and create a professional search function much like a real search engine. Use Verity Collections and the tag to create fast search forms for your web sites.

The long overdue part two of adding a verity search function. This part demonstrates how to index the information in your database so that it becomes usefull too.

Add some personalization to your pages by letting the user pick their own color scheme. It's really quite simple and the benifits are awsome. This tutorial shows you how to set up your pages to use a dynamicly included scheme. It will also show you how to create all the pages neccessary to administer the color schemes.

By: Bryce
Simple list of links to: 1. Change the background color of current page. 2. Demonstrate CFParam and URLEncodedFormat (both of them can be life savers!) 3. Provide hours of fun for the easily amused (I'm guilty as charged).

This is a custom tag I wrote that generates a random string at the set number of characters using the characters you decide on Alpha AlphaNumeric or Numeric Uppercase, lowercase, mixed case... It will create a variable that you name as you wish and call however you'd like. It is a small example of how to create a custom tag and will hopefully send someone in the right direction. It is also fully functional and has come in handy quite a few times. Enjoy and as always.. Have Fun!

I have seen quite a few people looking for prebuilt calendar apps but the people I wrote this for are the people who wanted a headstart in building their OWN custom calendar app. It is very basic and does nothing more than display the currently selected month/year's calendar and give links to the PREVIOUS the NEXT month's calendars by using The DateAdd() function. Basically the backbone of any calendar app. Enjoy. and as Always.. HAVE FUN!

This is just a simple way to dynamicly generate contact forms without the need for a database.

Some tips and techniques that I've picked up over the years. I don't maintain that these are 'official' or 'absolute'...they are simply my preference and things that have worked for me. I would like to share them here, and leave you to make the decision as to whether or not they fit in your 'code arsenal' :)

part one of a three-part tutorial designed to gently introduce you to the world of complex variables.

part two of a three-part tutorial designed to gently introduce you to the world of complex variables.

part three of a three-part tutorial designed to gently introduce you to the world of complex variables.

How to group cfquery output in order to effectively display relational database data. Includes an overview of how to output nested groups as well.

A silly but fun time-waster that you can easily include on your Web site. You might be surprised at how addicting it can become :)

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