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Have you ever wanted to accomplish server side tasks without ever leaving the current page? I'm not talking hidden frames, I'm talking about using JavaScript to process cfm templates without ever leaving the page!

I wanted to create a tutorial on something that will make your life easier. This tutorial is on SQL Transaction logs and how to make them smaller. This will save you time and money because of disk usage! I hope this helps your site go faster!

CF5 has added a trick for form validation based on regular expressions that many have missed. If you've ever wanted to validate form input such as email addresses and phone numbers, but have found the built-in validations of CFFORM to be lacking, here's a solution. And you don't need to be a genius with Regular Expressions to start using it.

A simple approach on how to create a query object from RDF/RSS feed. Further, when news are in HTML format, how to get them using Regular Expressions.

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can use ColdFusion and COM Objects to create a Word Document.

When using the cfinvoke tag or the CreateObject function on your pages, it adds CPU time to process the requests to load all of those objects into memory. Under load this can make quite a difference in your page response times. One way to get around it is to put those objects into a shared scope so they only get instantiated once. This will save memory and CPU time on your server.

Always wanted to export items from your existing database into RSS with ColdFusion and syndicate it, but don't know how? Well, this is your lucky day! We’re going to show you how you can easily export your database records to RSS.

How cool would it be, being able to create the same MD5 hash as ColdFusion, directly in the MS SQL RDMBS?

By: Ayhan
We think that we have the right search function! But we don't have. Lets see I what I am trying to say. For example: You are trying to find a tutorial about javascript validation. when you search "javascript validation" results comes "0". But they have tutorial about validation and they stored it as "JavaScript Form Validation". If you want to see it at search result page you must write in order as it is in database or indexes.. let's see how we can get correct search results.

By: Ayhan
Why need UPS address validation? Answer is; to provide time and transit information to the customers. UPS needs right City State and Zip Code to able give time and transit information. I have submitted another example which I have combined time&trasit information with rating, also tracking tutorial. You should know that this tutorial is made for my needs. If you want to expand, please visit www.ec.ups.com and download instruction. Dont afraid of size the booklet:) you will only need the request inputs and response outputs. It is easy to use. I will suggest you use cfdump to see all variables you get from ups servers. I hope these will save your hours.

By: Ayhan
This is complete rating and Time&Transit tutorial for UPS. to use this you must provide verified address. I have added another tutorial which shows how to verify an address. You should know that this tutorial is made for my needs. If you want to expand, please visit www.ec.ups.com and download instruction. Dont afraid of size the booklet:) you will only need the request inputs and response outputs. It is easy to use. I will suggest you use cfdump to see all variables you get from ups servers.

This tutorial will allow you to interact Cold Fusion with Flash, by using a simple language into flash. Creating an insertion data form.

This tutorial describes the easy application of the tag CFXML to creates XML documents. It helps a lot to integrate XML to your sites

This tutorial has the purpose to teach people how to develop a simple way to insert data into a database using Flash Remote and Rich internet Application concepts. Helping developers to be at the most top of the new technology.

This is a definitive guide on how to create and manage ColdFusion 8 instances on a corporate environment on a JRUN server. the guide pretty much shows how to set-up the development environment, but it can also be used for production if a few changes are made.


This tutorial demonstrates how to create a dynamic sitemap for a database-driven website with ColdFusion

Create dynamic PDF's on the fly and automatically send them as attachments. There are a bunch of people out there that claim to have this elusive process figured out, or to have a wonder-tag that does it all for you. Well, I tried a lot of them, and the results were always less than desirable, if you want to call them results. However, through this trial and error, I was able to take the good points of some of these failed attempts, and piece them together into a working solution. Right off the bat, this is a solution for those of you who have the ability to install software on your own hosting server or, those of you who can convince your web host to install a little harmless application for you.

A better way to search full text than Verity for developers using SQL Server 2000 as there back-end database.

This article explains how a ColdFusion programmer can collect written signatures via a web page and then convert the signature to jpg format for display.

This will pull a predefined number of records from a database, allow the user to change the number of records to be shown, and write the "NEXT" or "BACK" (or both) buttons at the bottom of the page. Thus allowing the user to "surf" through the database. See it in action at http://freecfm.com/t/tentonhead/ and click on the "CTCS" link when you get there. The HTML for this page has changed a little since I first did this (so it validates as XHTML1.1) but the CFML remains as it is in this snippet.

MX based view of secuirty ... contains components and infrastructure to support/manage users from both admin and user perspectives as well as an in-depth look at securing your apps at the application level, page level, and data level.

By: Craig
We all want to create cool applications. Maybe you already have one in mind, but don't know how to get from start to finish. This tutorial introduces you to the AIR API and how to use it to create a simple game of chance using Flex components and a little actionscript. Below is the final product before compiling it into an AIR app. Use Flex Builder 3 to import this application so you can review it and make changes as you see fit. View Flex Builder 3 Help Docs to find out how to import an application. You can also download the final AIR application to play with. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the AIR Player from Adobe first.

Building Excel spreadsheets using Microsofts SpreadsheetML XML dialect.

How to read EXIF and IPTC data from a JPEG image.

The CFLDAP command gives you the ability to query Active Directory to pull out (or insert) information into AD. Once place it has been useful in our organization is for creating an online directory and keeping it up to date. This can also be used to check an account against active directory for authorization

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