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Quick and easy way to sort and list your contacts by last names, in two really really simple steps. Almost everybody who uses a data-driven website has a database containing some information about the users. I had a database table called "contact" in which user's first name, last name, address, zip, email, phone, fax.... everything was listed. If you do have something like that and wish to draw and group your contacts by say last names, maybe you will find this tutorial useful.

This tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily backup and restore a MySQL database using just ColdFusion scripts and avoiding having to use CFEXECUTE which is normally disallowed on shared hosting platforms.

ColdFusion 8 has some handy tags that will provide database detail but what if you're running CF7? Normally you would have to resort to running the mysqldump command but this is restrictive if you wanted to provide your users with a method to backup their databases.


Want to know how to parse XML with ColdFusion with ease and very basic concepts? Then this is the tutorial for you.

This is a definitive guide on how to create and manage ColdFusion 8 instances on a corporate environment on a JRUN server. the guide pretty much shows how to set-up the development environment, but it can also be used for production if a few changes are made.


In order to use session variables, first you have to instruct the Cold Fusion server that you wish to use them. Here's a tutorial on how to do just that!

This Tutorial will show you how to display tag restricitons with Sandbox Security enabled.


In FireFox, you can dynamically set the EncType of a form element to be "multipart/form-data" for file uploads; however, this does not work in Internet Explorer (IE). Apparently in IE, you have to set the "encoding" of the form rather than the "enctype". The good news is, you can set both values without concern and this will take care of the problem:


This Tutorial Will show you how to generate RSS Feeds from a Database Query and have those feeds made into a Compliant RSS 2.0 Feed Requires ColdFusion 8, will not work on earlier version of Coldfusion.


Many times we need a quick and easy way of importing data into our website databases. The CSV file format is one of the defacto standards for moving data between databases easily. Virtually all databases allow exported to CSV format. And virtually all database support importing a CSV formatted file. So why use Coldfusion to do this mundane task? Simply put it is database independant - in this example I created a simple script that reads a CSV file and inserts the records into a matched mySQL table. When I first started looking at this I was surprised that I could find very little of how to achieve this. So now that I have it worked out I thought I could share this little piece...


This is a Spry & Coldfusion tutorial for making phone calls via the internet. This Tutorial has a catch however, it's for use with Vonage's 'Click-to-Call' service.



In this tutorial, I'm showing you a working method for URL Rewriting using ColdFusion, and a ColdFusion CFC.
You'll be able to have your old urls like: http://yoursite.com/index.cfm?var1=1&var2=2
to be viewed and displayed as: http://yoursite.com/index.cfm/var1/1/var2/2/


This tutorial shows you how to gather and store user statistics, including Browser, Browser Version, Screen Width, Color Depth, Screen Height, Bit Rate and User Environment. Includes Browser Detection for IPhone, Blackberry, and Android-based mobile devices...



It's becoming more and more common that Users are accessing your website from a mobile web browser (like that from an IPhone, Blackberry, Android or other mobile device). It's also becoming more prevelant that you need to start supporting and developing for the mobile platforms. But how would you begin?

This tutorial will help you out.


In this tutorial I'll show you how to optimze your database tables in MySQL (The script is very similiar for SQL Server) by using CFQUERY in a coldfusion page.



In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how easy it is to create a username check utility directly inside your web-based form, using JQuery & ColdFusion.


With AJAX applications giving us a lot more power than an "old school" web 1.0 page, it isn't unusual for someone to just sit on one page and fire off various operations that use HTTP to fetch and present data. This works fine until you leave the site alone for too long and your session times out. (I'm assuming most folks use a time based session, much like how ColdFusion works.) The question is - what happens in your current AJAX based application when a user's session times out?

There is a solution...


This will show you how to query a query. It also demonstrates how to use the datediff function and how to find an average.

By: Craig
We all want to create cool applications. Maybe you already have one in mind, but don't know how to get from start to finish. This tutorial introduces you to the AIR API and how to use it to create a simple game of chance using Flex components and a little actionscript. Below is the final product before compiling it into an AIR app. Use Flex Builder 3 to import this application so you can review it and make changes as you see fit. View Flex Builder 3 Help Docs to find out how to import an application. You can also download the final AIR application to play with. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the AIR Player from Adobe first.

Dynamically Create and Manage Application variables and set them on the fly in your applications. This tutorial will work best for situations that involve reusing the same application architecture for multiple sites, if application variables are changed often or if application variables wish to be changed without going into the code.


A technique for displaying, validating and processing forms.


Have you ever wanted to let your annonymous (non logged in / members) users know what items they have not yet read in your blog or discussion board / forum? This tutorial shows you a real easy and quick way to do just that... take a look now!


This new tutorial series will show you how to create user interfaces with ColdFusion MX 8!


This tutorial will show you how to efficiently re-use code and in addition how to create a random list of colors that you can use with cfchart colorlist.


Today I ran by a forum post on EasyCFM.COM (see it here) that asked for help in displaying categories. This can be tricky; especially if you have many parent/child relationships. So I thought I would post a blog entry talking about the best way I have found to do this... Here goes nothing..

This tutorial will demonstrate how to alternate row colors when outputing your data.

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