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Have you ever wanted to accomplish server side tasks without ever leaving the current page? I'm not talking hidden frames, I'm talking about using JavaScript to process cfm templates without ever leaving the page!

This tutorial will show you how secure ways to obtain the ID of the record you inserted, not just the last ID inserted. The tutorial covers this technique in MS Access, MSSQL and MySQL.

This will retrieve the 9 day weather forecast for the specified ZIP code.

This will show you how to make a simple WHOIS search that can be easily added to any site.

Ever want a place where people can chat or post their opinions? Ever heard of a shout box? This tutorial will give you an easy example of having a shout box on your site.

I wanted to create a tutorial on something that will make your life easier. This tutorial is on SQL Transaction logs and how to make them smaller. This will save you time and money because of disk usage! I hope this helps your site go faster!

How to restart the ColdFusion service automatically when certain errors occur.

Quick and easy way to sort and list your contacts by last names, in two really really simple steps. Almost everybody who uses a data-driven website has a database containing some information about the users. I had a database table called "contact" in which user's first name, last name, address, zip, email, phone, fax.... everything was listed. If you do have something like that and wish to draw and group your contacts by say last names, maybe you will find this tutorial useful.

The principle of this tutorial is similar to "Dynamic time and date for your pages" tutorial. Except that this one generates messages, and that one updated time. Read on, you will get the hang of it....

I like using HomeSite+ for windows, and I am getting used to Dreamweaver Mx. But I still need something just as good for Linux. For some reason, I couldnt get "wine and Dreamweaver Mx" to work. So I "Googled" a bit and stumbled upon Eclipse and cfEclipse. Here is how to set it up.

This is a custom tag application. The cf_QueryRender custom tag takes your query arguments and gives you a final page table and all...

This is a small application that shows you how to create an MP3 streaming server.

I havent come across a "paging" tutorial on this site. I know there are JavaScripts available that help you achieve this, and the DataSet object in VB.Net comes with paging. All you do is "enable paging". But how do you do it in ColdFusion ?

This tutorial shows you how to create a "dataset" just like the one in VB.Net In VB.Net you would create a dataset with "edit" button in an extra column. Once you click "edit", you get an option to "update", "delete" or "cancel edit mode" This is just like a cfgrid tag. Although a cfgrid tag lets you bulk insert, bulk update or bulk delete, the dataset object does it one by one. But cfgrid is slower, and may give users Java errors, depending on their browser settings.

Someone on the forum posed a question a short while ago asking how to create a more advanced search function using a + symbol as a separator. So I created this advanced search function. This search function is just slightly better than a normal search as it adds the ability to separate two keywords with a + symbol. Lets start with the search form.

Not all queries can be saved as an application variable. For Queries that do not meet the checkpoints in my previous tutorial there is another way to improve performance. Query Caching is another way to save data and eliminate unnecessary queries. This is for queries that are more dynamic in nature.

One thing I am always trying to do is speed up my applications. As my site grows in size and complexity I find that I spend a fair amount of time re-coding pages because of a new technique I just learned. I wish I had learned about these techniques long before, and thereby allowing me to create more effective code. In this tutorial I'll try to explain some problem areas that I have identified, and some of the things you can do to improve performance.

Sometimes, you want to be able to change the color of something on your page. Be it one item, or every item on the page. Using this simple color picker, you can create admin areas that can allow you or your visitors to pick their own colors and the value is automatically inserted into a text field.

Quickly and easily sort and order records in your database using a cfswitch in your query. Great technique for admin areas of your site, or just allowing visitors to sort the fields they want.

The long overdue part two of adding a verity search function. This part demonstrates how to index the information in your database so that it becomes usefull too.

It is very easy to set up and create a professional search function much like a real search engine. Use Verity Collections and the tag to create fast search forms for your web sites.

Add some personalization to your pages by letting the user pick their own color scheme. It's really quite simple and the benifits are awsome. This tutorial shows you how to set up your pages to use a dynamicly included scheme. It will also show you how to create all the pages neccessary to administer the color schemes.

I have seen a couple random image scripts here and there. Most require you to have a list of the images stored in a database somewhere or actually a switch statement with all the images listed there... This code will read a directory, pull all jpg's and choose a random one everytime to be displayed. Alot of my clients have wanted random images. THis is the easiest way I came up with to do it. This way when they want another image in the rotation... all you have to do is upload it to the image directory and its ready to go.

This is a custom tag I wrote that generates a random string at the set number of characters using the characters you decide on Alpha AlphaNumeric or Numeric Uppercase, lowercase, mixed case... It will create a variable that you name as you wish and call however you'd like. It is a small example of how to create a custom tag and will hopefully send someone in the right direction. It is also fully functional and has come in handy quite a few times. Enjoy and as always.. Have Fun!

I have seen quite a few people looking for prebuilt calendar apps but the people I wrote this for are the people who wanted a headstart in building their OWN custom calendar app. It is very basic and does nothing more than display the currently selected month/year's calendar and give links to the PREVIOUS the NEXT month's calendars by using The DateAdd() function. Basically the backbone of any calendar app. Enjoy. and as Always.. HAVE FUN!

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