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This tutorial is not ColdFusion oriented, but covers a great trick to allow you to submit a single form to a variety of different pages on the fly.

Not all queries can be saved as an application variable. For Queries that do not meet the checkpoints in my previous tutorial there is another way to improve performance. Query Caching is another way to save data and eliminate unnecessary queries. This is for queries that are more dynamic in nature.

This tutorial will help beginners find the identity field value of a record they have just inserted, without using a separate query!

Why you need the files, why can't I use database, well for Simplicity, Efficiency, and Customization only choice is Traditional Files. You need them when you want to store the click values that the number of user visited your sites and read them.

Add this one page tell-a-friend file to your website and begin letting your visitors promote your site for you. Very easy to set up. Can be cfincluded anywhere on your site. Visitors just fill in their friends email address and click the send button. The rest is taken care of. Simple one click functionality for your visitors. Automatically sends an email, containing anything you wish, to your visitors friend.

A better way to search full text than Verity for developers using SQL Server 2000 as there back-end database.

The principle of this tutorial is similar to "Dynamic time and date for your pages" tutorial. Except that this one generates messages, and that one updated time. Read on, you will get the hang of it....

I like using HomeSite+ for windows, and I am getting used to Dreamweaver Mx. But I still need something just as good for Linux. For some reason, I couldnt get "wine and Dreamweaver Mx" to work. So I "Googled" a bit and stumbled upon Eclipse and cfEclipse. Here is how to set it up.

I use this code to switch from one language to another on my site.

Ever wanted to do something a little more than what ColdFusion was capable of doing? Kind of a broad question right? What about scan files for viruses? Spell check form fields? Create websites in IIS? Apache? You can pretty much do whatever you want "in" ColdFusion!!!! Well that is not exactly true, but you can use ColdFusion to get your OS (operating system) to do whatever you want.

This is an Easy tutorial that will provide you with a step by step process on how to pass form values from a Flash ActionScript file to a Coldfusion Page using the LoadVars Object.

The Tutorial is reagarding the checking of the multiple email addresses. This is a server side coding using the ReFind and the Replace Functions.

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