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The complete code logic needed to upload,rename,store,retreive,drill-down and display images or .swf files with the appropriate code to support the files type.

Ever wanetd to know the size of an uploaded image so that you can store in the database, or check if it falls into allowed sizes etc.

Thumbnails with one line of code.

When you allow file uploading... Set a File Max Size and reject the file if it is too large. Others will check it after it is uploaded.. then deletes it if too large.. but not this... it won't let them even upload a single bit... if it is too large!

This tutorial will show you how to use Image.cfc. I demonstrate several examples of how you can create Image verification for forms, scale down images, watermark images, add text to images, and performing multiple operations to an image.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to send out multiple attachments with .

we will split this tutorial in few Parts like this!

1. Create a Upload Form
2. Upload a File
    2.1 Check to See if Uploading Image is not too Big in size, we will try here to make a check through javascript & server side.
    2.2 Check to See if the Image size is not extensibly large.
3. Change the Extension of the JPEG for rendering easily in the webpage and with less Processing time.
4. Resize the Image If required (Optional)
5. Let's Also Include the Watermark Option to watermark the JPEG Image (Optional)
6. Redirect to the User to the End Page to View the Uploaded Image


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