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This is a small application that shows you how to create an MP3 streaming server.

This article gives background and instructions on how to change the IP used in the Developer Edition of both CF5 & MX. You can link through to my site at www.defusionx.com

How to Create a Portable "Plug n Play" CF Application

Do you use the getTickCount() method to measure your CFML applications performance? There is a better way. Since the release of Coldfusion MX, the entire ColdFusion server has been built using Java. In this tutorial, well examine how a Java Servlet Filter can be used to measure the performance of your CFML application pages.

This tutorial will show you how to create an ODBC (Database) connection from within your ColdFusion MX Administration Area.

This tutorial will show you how to create an OO Data Factory that will allow you to easily extend your applications to multiple database servers.

How to create secure islocated JRUN instances using ColdFusion MX 7 multi server. This allows each instance to be securely isloated from others to get arounnd the JAVA security issues that cannot be cured with sandboxing.

Ever wanted to be like google and run your scripts without an extension? This tutorial shows you how with Apache or IIS!

This tutorial will explain in detial how to install coldfusion mx 6.1 on a linux server, apache 2, and shows you how to make them work together.

Since the release of ColdFusion MX, the preferred method of installation involves the use of a J2EE server. At my company, we use the bundled JRun 4 J2EE application server. One of the nicer features of this product is the ability to generate a custom log file that contains server metrics. In this tutorial, Ill demonstrate how you can enable these custom JRun performanace metrics that are easily imported into an excel spreadsheet.

This tutorial will tell you how to reboot your server without even logging in.

An easy way to clear the trusted cache without logging into CF admin.

By: Rhino
Do you have a website that you'd like to monitor but would rather not pay outrageous fees to some company? This simple script will monitor uptime for you website. It is the barebones version and can be easily modified into something highly useful.

This is a definitive guide on how to create and manage ColdFusion 8 instances on a corporate environment on a JRUN server. the guide pretty much shows how to set-up the development environment, but it can also be used for production if a few changes are made.


This Tutorial will show you how to display tag restricitons with Sandbox Security enabled.


In this tutorial, I'm showing you a working method for URL Rewriting using ColdFusion, and a ColdFusion CFC.
You'll be able to have your old urls like: http://yoursite.com/index.cfm?var1=1&var2=2
to be viewed and displayed as: http://yoursite.com/index.cfm/var1/1/var2/2/


This tutorial shows you how to gather and store user statistics, including Browser, Browser Version, Screen Width, Color Depth, Screen Height, Bit Rate and User Environment. Includes Browser Detection for IPhone, Blackberry, and Android-based mobile devices...



It's becoming more and more common that Users are accessing your website from a mobile web browser (like that from an IPhone, Blackberry, Android or other mobile device). It's also becoming more prevelant that you need to start supporting and developing for the mobile platforms. But how would you begin?

This tutorial will help you out.


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