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This tutorial will show you how to create, modify and delete database tables easily with ColdFusion.

This tutorial uses a opt-in mailing list as an example. After the end-user enters their information the information goes to an action page which checks to see if the users email address already exists in the database. If it exists it lets them know and will not enter the duplicate data, if it does not exist it enters them into the mailing list.

This deals with database dates: (1)inserting a properly formatted date into the database, and then (2)pulling a query from the database between a date range defined by 2 text boxes.

Many developers I have talked to are not aware of the ability to create an "alias" in an SQL statement, concatenate, and even add strings into your SQL statements. A little work up front in the SQL can cut out a lot of tedious coding in the tag.

This tutorial shows how you create Relationships between tables to speed up queries and decrease the overall size of the database

How to get your Data into MS SQL2000 and interface with Coldfusion in 34 Easy Steps!

This tutorial will show you how to create an ODBC (Database) connection from within your ColdFusion MX Administration Area.

Ever wondered how sites are able to return stores that are within a certain radius of your own zip code?

This tutorial will help beginners find the identity field value of a record they have just inserted, without using a separate query!

This tutorial will teah you how to make a search page and a results pages by searching on multiple fields. The SQL will be built dynamically so only fields that have data entered in them will be processed. I am also going to add a cool method of grouping matching records using SQL.

This is a custom tag application. The cf_QueryRender custom tag takes your query arguments and gives you a final page table and all...

This tutorial shows you how to create a "dataset" just like the one in VB.Net In VB.Net you would create a dataset with "edit" button in an extra column. Once you click "edit", you get an option to "update", "delete" or "cancel edit mode" This is just like a cfgrid tag. Although a cfgrid tag lets you bulk insert, bulk update or bulk delete, the dataset object does it one by one. But cfgrid is slower, and may give users Java errors, depending on their browser settings.

This script demonstrates how to dump FOR XML query data to the screen as xml in Cold Fusion

Dynamic websites use a database to store content and to extract the relevant information where needed. This article explains the main concepts related to using and designing databases, and presents some guidelines and best practices in database naming.

Alright, this one is long at first, but once you get the hang of it, it can be really useful. Basically, we are going to create a 3 page application that will allow us to choose the number of people to add to a database, enter these peoples info onto a second page, and add all the records at one time to a database on page three.

This tutorial will show you how to create an OO Data Factory that will allow you to easily extend your applications to multiple database servers.

This will show you how you can submit 0 length numeric fields via SQL.

This tutorial uses a couple of date/time functions and database query results in order to get your DBMS to greet your users when their birthday dates match the current date.

Always wanted to export items from your existing database into RSS with ColdFusion and syndicate it, but don't know how? Well, this is your lucky day! We’re going to show you how you can easily export your database records to RSS.

How cool would it be, being able to create the same MD5 hash as ColdFusion, directly in the MS SQL RDMBS?

Many times we need a quick and easy way of importing data into our website databases. The CSV file format is one of the defacto standards for moving data between databases easily. Virtually all databases allow exported to CSV format. And virtually all database support importing a CSV formatted file. So why use Coldfusion to do this mundane task? Simply put it is database independant - in this example I created a simple script that reads a CSV file and inserts the records into a matched mySQL table. When I first started looking at this I was surprised that I could find very little of how to achieve this. So now that I have it worked out I thought I could share this little piece...


In this tutorial I'll show you how to optimze your database tables in MySQL (The script is very similiar for SQL Server) by using CFQUERY in a coldfusion page.



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