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Learn how to use User-Defined Functions in ColdFusion 5.0.

The following tutorial will briefly touch over Custom Tags and show you what they are, how you use them, and how they benfit you by using them.

An introductory look at CFSCRIPT. Rules, some basic syntax, and a couple of examples of loops and conditional processing.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a query from two different queries based from two separate datasources. This is the easiest way to combine your data.


This tutorial will show you how to load your images from an actual .cfm page. Therefore, allowing you to prevent people from using your content on their web sites.


This tutorial will demonstrate how to speed up development and simply your life by using template delivery in FuseBox and CFC's.

This tutorial will show you how to you can provide your members with the ability to save their username and password into memory, so they dont have to type it in everytime the want to log in to your web site.

You can use these simple loops in place of many lines of code to clear out or delete session variables

A nifty little custom tag that will allow you to save a visitor's clickstream through your site, as well as display it back to them (with links). Did I really just say 'nifty'?

This tutorial explains how to use nested custom tags in ColdFusion. It also presents one 'basic quiz' in CF MX where nested custom tags show an interesting behavior

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can get the ID of the record you have just inserted without having to connect to the database again!

This is a custom tag I wrote that generates a random string at the set number of characters using the characters you decide on Alpha AlphaNumeric or Numeric Uppercase, lowercase, mixed case... It will create a variable that you name as you wish and call however you'd like. It is a small example of how to create a custom tag and will hopefully send someone in the right direction. It is also fully functional and has come in handy quite a few times. Enjoy and as always.. Have Fun!

An advanced set of customizable tags for validating FORM values on the Server-side using User-Defined Functions

Not all queries can be saved as an application variable. For Queries that do not meet the checkpoints in my previous tutorial there is another way to improve performance. Query Caching is another way to save data and eliminate unnecessary queries. This is for queries that are more dynamic in nature.

One thing I am always trying to do is speed up my applications. As my site grows in size and complexity I find that I spend a fair amount of time re-coding pages because of a new technique I just learned. I wish I had learned about these techniques long before, and thereby allowing me to create more effective code. In this tutorial I'll try to explain some problem areas that I have identified, and some of the things you can do to improve performance.

hi, I saw some tutorials on may sites which show how to develop related select boxes using cold fusion and javascript. Many of them were titles "Multiple Select Boxes" which was a bit un-appropriate as they did not really show how many levels of heirarchy they would cover. So, I finally decided to develop a custom tag that would help developers to simply implement a "n" level of select boxes using hierarchial data. thanks, Saurabh

By: Rhino
I hate creating duplicate forms where one is for entry and an identical one is for udpating. This code lets you use one form for both purposes.

By: Chris
This tutorial lets you save time when you need dates for credit card processing.

Have you seen the "www.EasyCFM" page closely? On the main page, top right, there is a place for time, and top left a place for day-date. Ever wonder how Pablo does it ? This is not a ColdFusion tutorial. Its JavaScript.

This will show how you can validate a user then use CFLOGIN and determine the users admin level within the Application.cfm file. Not hard whatsoever. This one is correct Pablo.

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a dynamic sitemap for a database-driven website with ColdFusion

This is a function that generates a 14-digits unique number from the current date and time. You can use this number as a unique ID for your database records.

You must have a basic understanding of Arrays! This tutorial will showe you how to implement many security checks with 1 database field using Arrays.

By: Craig
This four part series will introduce cf beginners to the fusebox frame work and help them get a grasp of this powerful technology.

This tutorial will show you how to replace a text string with letter graphics. This is very nice and includes a zip file with all source ready to run. This also includes an active interactive example right here on the tutorial.

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