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This code allows the user to dynamically populate the contents of a select box based on a selection from a previous select box.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use .INI files with ColdFusion. Perfect for users wishing to create administration areas for existing software titles that are INI file driven (i.e. FTP Servers).

All the books on CF tell you to comment your code. And yet, when you create a new CF file in Dreamweaver MX, you have to add the standard comments manually every time. Not anymore!

This tutorial will show you how you can add smiles to your messages on the fly!

This tutorial is intended to show you how to use the ColdFusion tag . This tutorial will show you how to add your current IP to the IP Debug List in the ColdFusion Administrator.

Add some personalization to your pages by letting the user pick their own color scheme. It's really quite simple and the benifits are awsome. This tutorial shows you how to set up your pages to use a dynamicly included scheme. It will also show you how to create all the pages neccessary to administer the color schemes.

By: Rhino
Checks to see where the user came from and then decides where to send them.

This tutorial will demonstrate how use ColdFusion, Javascript and Style sheets to create the perfect Printing Machine! ;)

Example of how to dynamically populate a drop-down list from database tables based on a selection in another drop-down list.

This tutorial will show you how to load your images from an actual .cfm page. Therefore, allowing you to prevent people from using your content on their web sites.


This tutorial will demonstrate how you can get the size of a folder (and sub folders) using ColdFusion and Windows File System Object (FSO).

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to display an unlimited number of images randomly on your pages. Each time a page is loaded or refreshed a random image will load.

As of writing this there are four flavours of CFMX, for Windows at least, floating about. You may know what version YOU are running but what about your hosting provider? Run the code below to find out.

Have you ever wanted to have your own chat room? This tutorial will help you have one, but the best thing about this tutorial is that you will not need to use any type of database!

This tutorial will show you how to you can provide your members with the ability to save their username and password into memory, so they dont have to type it in everytime the want to log in to your web site.

Have you ever wanted to accomplish server side tasks without ever leaving the current page? I'm not talking hidden frames, I'm talking about using JavaScript to process cfm templates without ever leaving the page!

It's a first in a three part tutorial on Regular Expressions, what they are, simple uses for them and also a test at the end. It goes through simple matching, start and end of strings, grouping and the | (OR) operator.

Create dynamic PDF's on the fly and automatically send them as attachments. There are a bunch of people out there that claim to have this elusive process figured out, or to have a wonder-tag that does it all for you. Well, I tried a lot of them, and the results were always less than desirable, if you want to call them results. However, through this trial and error, I was able to take the good points of some of these failed attempts, and piece them together into a working solution. Right off the bat, this is a solution for those of you who have the ability to install software on your own hosting server or, those of you who can convince your web host to install a little harmless application for you.

A silly but fun time-waster that you can easily include on your Web site. You might be surprised at how addicting it can become :)

You've finished the first Mad Libs tutorial, but you feel like there's something missing. Of course there is! You want to be able to save the final output to a database to let your visitors browse through other user's stories. Includes a bad-words filter for the more conservative among us :)

Manage text-based files on your server from any Web browser. Create a new file, edit a file, or delete a file. Can be a life saver if you're on the road, and find an error in some of your code that needs a quick fix.

A nifty little custom tag that will allow you to save a visitor's clickstream through your site, as well as display it back to them (with links). Did I really just say 'nifty'?

This tutorial will demonstrate how to delete records from a database via your website using ColdFusion.

Sometimes, you want to be able to change the color of something on your page. Be it one item, or every item on the page. Using this simple color picker, you can create admin areas that can allow you or your visitors to pick their own colors and the value is automatically inserted into a text field.

This tutorial will show you how to make a file content crawler with ColdFusion to find specified documents in a folder and its children folders. (Similar to find files or folder in Windows(c) Operating Systems 'find' feature).

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