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Make your email messages stick out in the users inbox with barely any effort

By: Rhino
Queries the database everyday and sends an email automatically when certain events happen.

After new member submits sign up form, automatically send a Welcome!!! email with their log-in credentials and other info.

This simple CFC scrambles your e-mail into ASCII-equivalent characters, reducing the chance of your e-mail being phished by bots and spiders significantly.

By: Rhino
This tutorial shows how to process a form and generate a random string that is put on the end of a link. When the user clicks the link it goes to their personal page.

This code will process any form submitted and email the submitted form fields excluding the submit, the redirect, the hidden, and the required fields; to the designated recipient.

A simple script where a user can click a link that will take the current templates url and pass it to a email form which they can than fill in with their friends emails addresses to send their friends your site address.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to send out multiple attachments with .

Security is definitely of great concern for both every web developer and web user. This article discusses some of the things you should keep in mind in order to build secure web applications. Learn how to build account activation, use random keys, validate input and protect sensitive information in your site.

This is an expansion of Pablo Varando's Email client, I heard a few folks say that they had problems viewing the attachments in the way that Pablo's tutorial outlined it, so I came up with a new way.

This tutorial will show you how to create a mail system for your site. It will allow you to get your email from a POP3 server, view your inbox, then view the message (with attachments), reply and delete that message as well.

The Tutorial is reagarding the checking of the multiple email addresses. This is a server side coding using the ReFind and the Replace Functions.

Send a Text-Message to Cell Phone or Pager from Your Website

I demonstrate as sending e-mails integrating Flex and ColdFusion

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