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CF5 has added a trick for form validation based on regular expressions that many have missed. If you've ever wanted to validate form input such as email addresses and phone numbers, but have found the built-in validations of CFFORM to be lacking, here's a solution. And you don't need to be a genius with Regular Expressions to start using it.

This code allows the user to dynamically populate the contents of a select box based on a selection from a previous select box.

This tutorial will show you two two ways you can implement error checking, to ensure that your users are actually entering the required fields on your forms!

This tutorial places the submitted form values into a session, than error checks them. If there is an error it will show the form again with the previous values the user entered pre-entered in the form. It will also tell the user which form fields had errors in them.

This sets all of the submitted form fields and values into a list then loops through the list of fields and values.

This is by far the most easiest and simplest way to make a form and update it to the database, very low maintenance and very very quick!!

Example of how to dynamically populate a drop-down list from database tables based on a selection in another drop-down list.

Use SQL server's system tables to automatically create a form to insert data into your database.

A very simple tutorial that explains how to add information submitted from a form into a logging file. Very simple, yet lots of possibilities. Important for the beginning CFM programmer

If you are using the CFFORM tag in a shared hosting environment, and why wouldn't you as CF form elements can be very useful, you may now be receiving obscure JavaScript errors when your form loads. Never fear, the solution is a simple fix to an annoying problem

Yes, I know we're a ColdFusion site...but ColdFusion does not live in a vacuum. We have to know SQL, HTML, CSS...and sometimes...JavaScript! This tutorial focuses on using JavaScript (in lieu of cfform) to create client side form validation (and explains why writing your own is better than using ).

A technique for displaying, validating and processing forms.


Many tutorials give information on relating select boxes, but this one actual gives information on not only relating multiple selects, but also how to duplicate those related selects multiple times in the same form.

An advanced set of customizable tags for validating FORM values on the Server-side using User-Defined Functions

Set up a single form to add multiple records to parent/child database tables. This example uses a parent table for a home, with child records for each resident.

By: Rhino
This tutorial shows how to process a form and generate a random string that is put on the end of a link. When the user clicks the link it goes to their personal page.

By: Rhino
Do you have an update page and want to use checkboxes on the page? This tutorial will go over the two steps needed.

A quick one page file to do a simple database query to check the status of a databased order. Includes javascript form validation.

This is not a tutorial as such, more like an application that you can put in a directory. It could boring if you use the CF editor, to pick "cfform" fill its attributes, then pick "cfinputs" one by one. fill out those attributes... one by one, then change tabs and pick the "submit" button... so on and so forth. Even if you code in a note pad, it might get lengthy to code individual element. Wouldn't it be nicer to code all these elements at once, then just copy the code and paste it in your editor?

I was recently creating a registration form that asked users for there year of birth. Instead of creating a select list with over 100 options I wrote this to save time.

This tutorial will show you how to easily change your color scheme with just one click.

By: jhi
This tutorial is meant to teach how to create dynamic menus in which the user can select multiple lines and then have those lines reselected if they return to the same form.

This will show how you can validate a user then use CFLOGIN and determine the users admin level within the Application.cfm file. Not hard whatsoever. This one is correct Pablo.

When you dynamically create a list of form elements it is sometimes hard to catch the values of those forms to use for database insertion. This tutorial describes how you can do this.

I have seen many shopping carts on the web that make thousands of dollars a month just processing your e-commerce transactions. Now you too can cut out the middleman and save a few bucks or build your own processor and make a few bucks. This example uses Authorize.nets AIM implementation.

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