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This tutorial will demonstrate how you can use ColdFusion and COM Objects to create a Word Document.

This tutorial will show you how to create an OO Data Factory that will allow you to easily extend your applications to multiple database servers.

Have you ever wanted to create your very own RSS XML News Feeds? This tutorial will show you how to create an RSS feed that will allow you to syndicate your web site and allow the world to easily use your data!

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can delete all files and sub-folders in a specified folder using ColdFusion and Windows!

A simple approach on how to create a query object from RDF/RSS feed. Further, when news are in HTML format, how to get them using Regular Expressions.

Tutorial that goes into more depth than you really want to know about using ColdFusion to get live game stats from any Half-Life/Counter-Strike game server for your website.

Rather long introduction to using the Google Maps API to incorporate Google Maps into your applications

Network Device Checker

A way to link directly to MS Outlook on your local machine thru you CF Templates.

Ever wanted to do something a little more than what ColdFusion was capable of doing? Kind of a broad question right? What about scan files for viruses? Spell check form fields? Create websites in IIS? Apache? You can pretty much do whatever you want "in" ColdFusion!!!! Well that is not exactly true, but you can use ColdFusion to get your OS (operating system) to do whatever you want.

By: Rhino
Do you have a website that you'd like to monitor but would rather not pay outrageous fees to some company? This simple script will monitor uptime for you website. It is the barebones version and can be easily modified into something highly useful.

If you are using the CFFORM tag in a shared hosting environment, and why wouldn't you as CF form elements can be very useful, you may now be receiving obscure JavaScript errors when your form loads. Never fear, the solution is a simple fix to an annoying problem

Make a Simple Web Page Translation Widget Using Google Translate

By: Craig
We all want to create cool applications. Maybe you already have one in mind, but don't know how to get from start to finish. This tutorial introduces you to the AIR API and how to use it to create a simple game of chance using Flex components and a little actionscript. Below is the final product before compiling it into an AIR app. Use Flex Builder 3 to import this application so you can review it and make changes as you see fit. View Flex Builder 3 Help Docs to find out how to import an application. You can also download the final AIR application to play with. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the AIR Player from Adobe first.

It's becoming more and more common that Users are accessing your website from a mobile web browser (like that from an IPhone, Blackberry, Android or other mobile device). It's also becoming more prevelant that you need to start supporting and developing for the mobile platforms. But how would you begin?

This tutorial will help you out.


This tutorial will demonstrate how you can get the size of a folder (and sub folders) using ColdFusion and Windows File System Object (FSO).

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