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This tutorial will show you how to insert data into a database, then have that information emailed to you and the person submitting the data.

This is the basics of ColdFusion. This tutorial will demonstrate how to query a database and then display the records found.

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can use the functions that come built in on your database to do the work, instead of doing the work in your code the hard way!

Learn how to create database connection, by skipping the old ODBC connections with ColdFusion.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use query string values instead of form values.

This tutorial will show you how to create, modify and delete database tables easily with ColdFusion.

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can use one form a user fills out to insert into multiple database tables.

This will pull a predefined number of records from a database, allow the user to change the number of records to be shown, and write the "NEXT" or "BACK" (or both) buttons at the bottom of the page. Thus allowing the user to "surf" through the database. See it in action at http://freecfm.com/t/tentonhead/ and click on the "CTCS" link when you get there. The HTML for this page has changed a little since I first did this (so it validates as XHTML1.1) but the CFML remains as it is in this snippet.

How to get your Data into MS SQL2000 and interface with Coldfusion in 34 Easy Steps!

Ever want a place where people can chat or post their opinions? Ever heard of a shout box? This tutorial will give you an easy example of having a shout box on your site.

this is just a customer complaint tracking system i put together with coldfusion. i got alot of help from easycfm.com so i figured i would get back with an app. its using an access database to store usernames and passwords. did all of the login authentication code myself because my damn server behaviors were not taking. copy the dbase somewhere and use the HCCTS datasource name enjoy

You might have already noticed that even database servers like Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 have no method of hiding even password fields from prying eyes. Instead passwords are stored as plain text. Not good. Even Microsoft Access provides a way to mask fileds you would prefer not to be easily read. Not so SQL Server - and probably quite a few other database servers suffer the same issue. This is easily rectified however using two handy functions built-in to ColdFusion, from at at least version 5.0 and above (I think they were in 4.x also). I've developed the following code using CFMX updated 3.

It's been out there since ColdFusion 4.5...most of us have heard of it...few of us use it. Here are some compelling reasons why you should get into the habit of using the tag.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to delete records from a database via your website using ColdFusion.

Boolean values are excellent ways to save on precious coding time when you are using a boatload of IF statements in an application. Having only 2 possible states allows you to kind of cheat on creating your IF statements and minimize redundancy.

Quickly and easily sort and order records in your database using a cfswitch in your query. Great technique for admin areas of your site, or just allowing visitors to sort the fields they want.

Some tips and techniques that I've picked up over the years. I don't maintain that these are 'official' or 'absolute'...they are simply my preference and things that have worked for me. I would like to share them here, and leave you to make the decision as to whether or not they fit in your 'code arsenal' :)

Describes a solution to a connection problem from CF to MS Access.

Select multiple records for deletion just by checking a box next to the record listing.

By: Rhino
I hate creating duplicate forms where one is for entry and an identical one is for udpating. This code lets you use one form for both purposes.

A quick one page file to do a simple database query to check the status of a databased order. Includes javascript form validation.

This will show you how to query a query. It also demonstrates how to use the datediff function and how to find an average.

Learn how to create a ColdFusion Shopping cart.

Creat a ColdFusion collection with the cfcollection tag

This tutorial will show you how to easily change your color scheme with just one click.

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