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This bit of code will allow you to output a percentage readout to your users very easily using javascript. Works great in IE or Mozilla, and once you know how to use this, you can do a TON of other things interactivly!

I use this code snippet to upload files from a web form and rename any that have spaces in their file name to use underscores instead.

This tutorial will show you how to easily change your color scheme with just one click.

Shows you how to easily send commands to an iSeries AS400 from ColdFusion! Post any questions and I will get back with you asap. :)

This is a custom tag application. The cf_QueryRender custom tag takes your query arguments and gives you a final page table and all...

Add this one page tell-a-friend file to your website and begin letting your visitors promote your site for you. Very easy to set up. Can be cfincluded anywhere on your site. Visitors just fill in their friends email address and click the send button. The rest is taken care of. Simple one click functionality for your visitors. Automatically sends an email, containing anything you wish, to your visitors friend.

This will show how you can validate a user then use CFLOGIN and determine the users admin level within the Application.cfm file. Not hard whatsoever. This one is correct Pablo.

This script demonstrates how to dump FOR XML query data to the screen as xml in Cold Fusion

By: Kevin
This tutorial will show you how to display yout query results in a horizontal format x number of columns without loosing (x)html compliance. It may look slightly more complicated than others you may have seen, but this example provides full html and xhtml compatibility by cloasing all end tags and properly nesting td and tr.

(only spanish) This tutorial shows how modify the traditional dreamweaver MX recordset explorer in a fun google page results. For Coldfusion MX 6 and upper.

ultra easy calender picker

You must have a basic understanding of Arrays! This tutorial will showe you how to implement many security checks with 1 database field using Arrays.

I use this code to switch from one language to another on my site.

This tutorial will show you how to replace a text string with letter graphics. This is very nice and includes a zip file with all source ready to run. This also includes an active interactive example right here on the tutorial.

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can delete all files and sub-folders in a specified folder using ColdFusion and Windows!

Add, Alter and Drop Tables and Columns remotly via a simple form. WARNING: First tutorial from a beginner!

By: Kevin
This Tutorial will show you how to allow your web sites users to select items to compare side by side. Your items could be anything from products for sale to statistical information. Users can add and remove Items or Products to compare in a table. A great feature for sites seilling products, especially products with many variations for models in a series.

An example of how to match similiar strings using a combination of SQLServer and CFMX.

Internet spam is on the rise, and more importantly spammers are targeting your sites comment forms. They are looking for the trackback urls to fool search engines into ranking their website higher in the search results. When this started to happen to me, I wanted to sent out emails to the offenders demanding that they stop. Unfortunatly the spam is being generated by bots and programs not some pimple faced kid behind a keyboard. Banning IP addresses is not enough and rarely works since intelligent spammers hide their true identity anyway. Next approach... Banning Keywords used by the offending sites. Thats where this tutorial comes in.

Use Base64 to pass html or large blocks of text in a form post without using session variables.

Ever wanted to do something a little more than what ColdFusion was capable of doing? Kind of a broad question right? What about scan files for viruses? Spell check form fields? Create websites in IIS? Apache? You can pretty much do whatever you want "in" ColdFusion!!!! Well that is not exactly true, but you can use ColdFusion to get your OS (operating system) to do whatever you want.

This tutorial will show you how to use Image.cfc. I demonstrate several examples of how you can create Image verification for forms, scale down images, watermark images, add text to images, and performing multiple operations to an image.

When using the cfinvoke tag or the CreateObject function on your pages, it adds CPU time to process the requests to load all of those objects into memory. Under load this can make quite a difference in your page response times. One way to get around it is to put those objects into a shared scope so they only get instantiated once. This will save memory and CPU time on your server.

By: Rhino
An easy way to have a form with 2 or more submit buttons where each one does a different thing. One can count a rows in a DB, then next can actually submit the query. Possibilities are limitless.

By: Craig
This tutorial teaches some basic ways to achieve effects using actionscript with your flash forms.

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