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A tutorial showing you how you can create a dynamic bar chart!

This tutorial is designed to show you how to get a record count of the results returned by your database query. It also show you how to then chart those results.

This code detects the most common user agents (web browsers) and notifies you via email if it is not a recognized user agent as defined in the code. Usually this will be a bot of some sort. Extrememly useful for tracking how often Google, Yahoo, etc visits your site. It will email you the bot and a reverse IP lookup url with the IP appended so you can verify if it is a "good bot" or a "bad (spam) bot" (then you can block that IP or stop processing of the page). Use this in your home page or as an include file throughout your site. Nothing fancy it should work on MX also although I have not tested it there.

This tutorial will show you how to use arrays to display data properly in ColdFusion.

This .cfc will let you write a flash, jpg, or png chart to a file, to be displayed on any page (or printed, emailed, etc). Can fix issues with charts randomly not displaying properly.

This tutorial will show you how to efficiently re-use code and in addition how to create a random list of colors that you can use with cfchart colorlist.


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