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This tutorial places the submitted form values into a session, than error checks them. If there is an error it will show the form again with the previous values the user entered pre-entered in the form. It will also tell the user which form fields had errors in them.

A simple script where a user can click a link that will take the current templates url and pass it to a email form which they can than fill in with their friends emails addresses to send their friends your site address.

This tutorial shows the basics of allowing your end-users to dynamically sort the order in which they view your records. You can have as many sort orders as you have fields viewed!

This tutorial uses a opt-in mailing list as an example. After the end-user enters their information the information goes to an action page which checks to see if the users email address already exists in the database. If it exists it lets them know and will not enter the duplicate data, if it does not exist it enters them into the mailing list.

Not really a tutorial but some code to help you solve programming problems by showing your code online to your friends or associates.

This is part two of my guestbook tutorial, in part one we created the actual guestbook. In this part we will now look at creating an administration area for our guestbook. In this admin area we will be able to edit and delete guestbook entries as well as add or delete administrators.

This Guestbook is part one of a two part tutorial. This part deals with the guest book itself the second part will build a administration area for this guestbook. The guest book submits to two tables in a mySql database the first table being for the actual guest book display template and the second table to be used for an opt-in mailing list.

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