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Use Base64 to pass html or large blocks of text in a form post without using session variables.

Use ASP.NET-style master pages to replace your header/footer files for web page layout

Inject customized content into predefined messages by adding specially formatted placeholders in the message.

You can use a combination of and javascript to show a message on the screen while processing a large data set (or any other long-running task), and then remove the message when the task is complete.

Visual tab control generator - Creates an interface that loads all the data in each tab in a single page request. This allows the users to click on each tab in the interface and instantly see the data on that tab without waiting for it to load.

Extend the use of the new tag in CF5 to display any and all ColdFusion and CGI variables.

Use SQL server's system tables to automatically create a form to insert data into your database.

You can use these simple loops in place of many lines of code to clear out or delete session variables

Increase performace and readability by always scoping your variables

Use the Moreover news service to add a news feed to your site using cfhttp and wddx in 5 minutes!

An advanced set of customizable tags for validating FORM values on the Server-side using User-Defined Functions

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