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Not all queries can be saved as an application variable. For Queries that do not meet the checkpoints in my previous tutorial there is another way to improve performance. Query Caching is another way to save data and eliminate unnecessary queries. This is for queries that are more dynamic in nature.

One thing I am always trying to do is speed up my applications. As my site grows in size and complexity I find that I spend a fair amount of time re-coding pages because of a new technique I just learned. I wish I had learned about these techniques long before, and thereby allowing me to create more effective code. In this tutorial I'll try to explain some problem areas that I have identified, and some of the things you can do to improve performance.

Someone on the forum posed a question a short while ago asking how to create a more advanced search function using a + symbol as a separator. So I created this advanced search function. This search function is just slightly better than a normal search as it adds the ability to separate two keywords with a + symbol. Lets start with the search form.

Sometimes, you want to be able to change the color of something on your page. Be it one item, or every item on the page. Using this simple color picker, you can create admin areas that can allow you or your visitors to pick their own colors and the value is automatically inserted into a text field.

Quickly and easily sort and order records in your database using a cfswitch in your query. Great technique for admin areas of your site, or just allowing visitors to sort the fields they want.

The long overdue part two of adding a verity search function. This part demonstrates how to index the information in your database so that it becomes usefull too.

It is very easy to set up and create a professional search function much like a real search engine. Use Verity Collections and the tag to create fast search forms for your web sites.

Add some personalization to your pages by letting the user pick their own color scheme. It's really quite simple and the benifits are awsome. This tutorial shows you how to set up your pages to use a dynamicly included scheme. It will also show you how to create all the pages neccessary to administer the color schemes.

Internet spam is on the rise, and more importantly spammers are targeting your sites comment forms. They are looking for the trackback urls to fool search engines into ranking their website higher in the search results. When this started to happen to me, I wanted to sent out emails to the offenders demanding that they stop. Unfortunatly the spam is being generated by bots and programs not some pimple faced kid behind a keyboard. Banning IP addresses is not enough and rarely works since intelligent spammers hide their true identity anyway. Next approach... Banning Keywords used by the offending sites. Thats where this tutorial comes in.

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