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Building Excel spreadsheets using Microsofts SpreadsheetML XML dialect.

See link for tutorial and files: http://www.brixontech.com/examples/scheduler/index.cfm The scheduled task manager in the ColdFusion Administrator can be replicated outside of the administrator. You can add, update, run, and delete scheduled tasks from a tag and you can list all tasks using the unsupported ServiceFactory class.

Table sort and paging using AJAX calls to fill a div that will be the container for the table. See the following page for a live demo. http://www.brixontech.com/examples/table/index.cfm

This tutorial shows the suggest list (auto complete) idea using the built in functions in Scriptaculous with a CF data page. Working example at: http://www.brixontech.com/examples/webtwo/autocomplete/index.cfm

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