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The appeal of frames and the continued use is -- to leave one constant item on a part of the page. However clever, they are a pain to code, setting targets and defining the columns and then there that scroll bar thing. Here is an easy way to create the illusion of frames on your page.

This sets all of the submitted form fields and values into a list then loops through the list of fields and values.

This code will process any form submitted and email the submitted form fields excluding the submit, the redirect, the hidden, and the required fields; to the designated recipient.

I had had created a login that used cookies to give access to an area of the web site. The owner of the web site could not login to the area using Windows NT, but upon testing I could always login with my windows 98 system. I could not figure out why the NT system would not login, but I could. It seemed to be a coding error by the site owner, since other sites could be logged in to. Some time later I stumbled upon the answer.

You will be shown how to display the images in the desired number of columns and desired number of records per page with minimal coding. When the thumbnail image is clicked on it will open another window with the large image and image description under it.

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