By: D Evans

Trouble Shooting Cookies that work for you, One Possibility

This is not so much a tutorial, but an answer to problem that you may encounter
with windows users, and Internet Explorer. It stumped me for many months.

I had had created a login that used cookies to give access to an area of the web

The owner of the web site could not login to the area using Windows NT, but upon
testing I could always login with my windows 98 system.

I could not figure out why the NT system would not login, but I could.

It seemed to be a coding error by the site owner, since other sites could be
logged in to.

Some time later I stumbled upon the answer.

By default the Internet Explorer browser sets a file size to hold temporary
Internet files of 516mg , this includes cookies.

What happened was all of his default file size space had been used, therefore
his browser would not accept the cookie form the new web site. Other sites
cookies had already been stored in the temporary Internet files, therefore they
allowed access.

How to correct this problem, open the IE browser, go to tools & Internet options.
Under Temporary Internet Files and either click delete files to clear some disk .
click on the settings button and move the slider arrow over to allow more disk

One last note: clicking delete files does not delete the stored cookies. You may
have to click the view files and delete some of the cookies as well.

Quick way to check:
Got to my computer, windows and right click on the Temporary Internet files
folder and view the properties. If the file size is 516mg (windows default) the
folder has reached it's max limit.

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