Getting ColdFusion Studio for Linux
I like using HomeSite+ for windows, and I am getting used to Dreamweaver Mx. But I still need something just as good for Linux. For some reason, I couldn't get "wine and Dreamweaver Mx" to work. So I "Googled" a bit and stumbled upon Eclipse and cfEclipse. Here is how to set it up.
First off get the file from
Then open shell, and cd to the location where the file was downloaded.
In mycase the download location was "/home/anang/downloads/"

Unzip the eclipse zip file like;
root@localhost$ unzip
Now you will get a folder called "eclipse" (For me it was in /home/anang/downloads)
Move the unzipped folder to "opt" like so;

root@localhost$ mv eclipse /opt/

This will give you a general ide. Now we will tune it for ColdFusion development.
To do this you will need to download;
1. (These are coldfusion plugins for eclipse studio)
2. (These are coldfusion snippets)
Now unzip both files

root@localhost$ unzip
root@localhost$ ls -l

this will show you a folder called plugins. Now "cd plugins" and find a folder called "com.rohanclan.cfml_1.1.18.4"
Move this folder into plugins folder under eclipse like this;
root@localhost$ mv com.rohanclan.cfml_1.1.18.4 /opt/eclipse/plugins/
Also unzip the to get a folder called snippets. Move this to eclipse/plugins also like;

root@localhost$ mv snippets /opt/eclipse/plugins/
To set up your webroot.
You, as a current user (not root) will need read/write permissions on your webroot. Mine was /var/www/cfdev
By default this folder belongs to "root". I changed the ownership of the subdirectory "cfdev" for myself;
root@localhost$ chown -c username /var/www/cfdev
changed ownership to "your username"
Now to setup eclipse to make it useable;
The following instructions come from
You may not be the only person using that machine, and you may not even have root permissions on that machine. I will encourage you to visit the above website, because there are instructions there for a user level install as well.

They also work for Ubuntu, Debian and Red Hat/Fedora 3 OSs.

Become root or use "sudo" and follow them to the letter;
$ chown -R root:root /opt/eclipse/

Create /usr/bin/eclipse with your favorite text editor (e.g vi /usr/bin/eclipse) and add the following content:

export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/lib/mozilla/"
export ECLIPSE_HOME="/opt/eclipse"

$ECLIPSE_HOME/eclipse $*


Finally, allow the script to be executed:

$chmod +x /usr/bin/eclipse

Gnome icon

Create a new launcher on the desktop (right click on the desktop -> Create Launcher) or on a panel (right click on a panel -> Add to Panel -> Custom Application Launcher) and add the following data:
o Name: Eclipse Platform
o Command: eclipse
o Icon: /opt/eclipse/icon.xpm
If you want an icon in the Applications Menu:
Create a new launcher called eclipse.desktop in /usr/share/applications with your favorite text editor (e.g vi /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop) and add the following content:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Eclipse Platform
Comment=Eclipse IDE

Now you have a free coldfusion editor.

I have liked it so far. It also doubles as a php editor (if you add php plugins) and a java development tool (what it was originally intended for, I think). You can also use some imagination and above instructions for using on WIndows. But be cautioned, it will be slow to start up. On Linux, it has been acceptably fast.

I will also encourage you to add php plugins for eclipse, as these also add tools for controlling apache web server and mysql database server tools.

Have fun !!!

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  • Hi Anang - I ended up installing eclipse and cfeclipse because I needed to compile some java classes and a jar for a project, so I thought ok, eclipse, might as well get the cfeclipse plugin - anyway, my question is this, is there way to set the editor so long lines of code wrap??? thanks, megan

  • Here is where you can find additional plugins for CSS Forgot to mention that in the tute above. Anang


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