By: Ayhan
<!-- Provide city,state and zip code. -->
<cfset"Broadview Height">
<cfset form.state=

<!-- Save xml file for parsing. Make sure to put your AccessLicenseNumber, USerID and Password-->

<cfsavecontent variable="AV">
    <cfoutput >
<?xml version="1.0"?>

        <AccessRequest xml:lang=
YOUR LICENSE NUMBER</AccessLicenseNumber>
        <?xml version=
            <AddressValidationRequest xml:lang=

<!-- Parsing -->
<cfhttp url="" port="443" method="POST" throwonerror="yes">
    <cfhttpparam name=
"requestAV" type="XML" value="#AV#">
<cfset VerifyAddress =
<!--First find out if the address is okay. -->
<cfif VerifyAddress.AddressValidationResponse.AddressValidationResult.Quality.xmlText is not 1>

    <!--If the address info was bad this part will run. Use below part if you like you will use it to give customer some option to help them find right information. -->

    bad address
    <select name="SCZ">
            <cfloop from=
"1" to="#ArrayLen(VerifyAddress.AddressValidationResponse.AddressValidationResult)#" index="i">
                <cfset makeit[
                <cfset makeit[
                <cfset makeit[
                <cfset makeit[
                <option value="#i#">#makeit[i].city#, #makeit[i].state# #makeit[i].zip#</option>
    no problem with address

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  • Ayhan, It took me about five minutes to create the account, obtain an access key, a developer's key; and I was off and running! Thanks for the code!

  • How do we obtain a license number? I have a UPS sign-in account, is that the same thing?

  • You Rock!, Thanks for posting this. Its the only open piece of code I found that does this.


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