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This cfscript highlights a substring in a string.

This simple CFC scrambles your e-mail into ASCII-equivalent characters, reducing the chance of your e-mail being phished by bots and spiders significantly.

This tutorial will show you how to create an OO Data Factory that will allow you to easily extend your applications to multiple database servers.

Inject customized content into predefined messages by adding specially formatted placeholders in the message.

This Tutorial will show you how to display tag restricitons with Sandbox Security enabled.


This tutorial will show you how to efficiently re-use code and in addition how to create a random list of colors that you can use with cfchart colorlist.



About the tutorial:

This is a simple encryption/decryption example.

In this example will encrypt  a URL which used in different  email campaign ,  the purpose to use an encrypted URL as we all know is a security issue.

I Will go over the code step by step.


In this tutorial, I'm showing you a working method for URL Rewriting using ColdFusion, and a ColdFusion CFC.
You'll be able to have your old urls like: http://yoursite.com/index.cfm?var1=1&var2=2
to be viewed and displayed as: http://yoursite.com/index.cfm/var1/1/var2/2/


This tutorial shows you how to gather and store user statistics, including Browser, Browser Version, Screen Width, Color Depth, Screen Height, Bit Rate and User Environment. Includes Browser Detection for IPhone, Blackberry, and Android-based mobile devices...



A Complete Way how we can add a fetch a Podcast and display on the website. Very easy with just Simple XML Tags. the Tutorial has been Influenced by various Peoples works and Finally i came Up with this. Check and You will have the Podcast view for your own website.


In this tutorial I'll show you how to optimze your database tables in MySQL (The script is very similiar for SQL Server) by using CFQUERY in a coldfusion page.



It's becoming more and more common that Users are accessing your website from a mobile web browser (like that from an IPhone, Blackberry, Android or other mobile device). It's also becoming more prevelant that you need to start supporting and developing for the mobile platforms. But how would you begin?

This tutorial will help you out.


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