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12-03-2004 @ 10:44 PM
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CF:XOOPS Project on SourceForge

CF:XOOPS (eXtensible "Object-Oriented" Portal System for ColdFusion) is an alternative to similar systems built in PHP (PostNuke, phpNuke, etc) for those more comfortable in ColdFusion. It uses an object-oriented approach in conjunction with XSL to ease customization.

CF:XOOPS is being built in ColdFusion MX (currently 6.1) and uses XSLT for the templating. It also uses an object-oriented code structure. From the ground up, CF:XOOPS supports mySQL (often an after-thought in the CF community) with SQL Server support having been proven as I am also using it where I work.

CF:XOOPS is being built to satisfy my need for a phpNuke-like Web site, but with a more flexible and portable theming/templating system and an architecture that allows for modding that leaves a minimal footprint on existing code, making upgrades of modded sites more seamless even for novice Webmasters.

My main obstacle is adding to the core modules to be included with CF:XOOPS. I am but one person and I am looking to the open source community to help me build the premier Web-site-in-a-box solution for novices and ColdFusion experts alike.

As it currently exists, below are the major features of the application:

  • Object-oriented use of ColdFusion Components. Mods should extend existing CFCs rather than change them to ensure that mods don't break when an upgrade or a patch is installed
  • XSLT-based templating system
  • Simple workflow for posting and approving content
  • Role-based allocation of application resources
  • mySQL support
  • SQL Server support
  • Installer (mySQL)

Modules under development:

  • Forums
  • Downloads
  • Image Gallery
  • RSS Feeds (In and Out)

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