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10-20-2008 @ 12:39 PM
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Hi, I was once browsing the website and saw the classmates script which were build in PHP, basically i searched a more and found the one classmates.com which was only avaliable for america and canada. Well that site was well connected with the names of all schools.

With that in my mind, I planned to prepare my classmates script in coldfusion and i Did complete it by now.

I completed it today and posted at: http://classmates.randhawaworld.com/

I tried using many features i could try and use and build the one. Well don't on colors backgound and all links colors. They are all customizable, i mean that can be changed to whatever color it can be want to be. If there needs to be background, a background can be added dynamically.

I tried my best to make easy and navigateable.

If you visit and let me know how you like you.

I shall be Thankful


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