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09-02-2009 @ 9:07 PM
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Check out this step by step guide to configure dreamweaver to support sFTP.


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09-02-2009 @ 3:16 PM
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Greetings -

I've been using dreamweaver 8 and prior versions to FTP my website pages locally to maintain my code, however, my hosting company has changed their FTP server to Secured FTP server - I believe FileZilla - now, I can no longer FTP my site via dreamweaver. I can only FTP them using Filezilla client which defeats the purpose of using Dramweaver.

I know I can work locally on my website and then upload the changes, but I prefer to do the changing directly on the server which saves me a great deal of time in maintaining my websites.

I was wondering if there is an alternative as to how I can update my sites using Dreamweaver or any other type of Editor as long as I can edit my websites directly on the server..

Thank you.


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