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06-14-2006 @ 10:51 PM
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hello everyone...i'm back again with new topic to be discussed...

first, i have a table that consists of the column "Database" and "Email". each "Database" has a unique "Email".

the "Database" field is filled by a user of the website, then, an alert email will be sent to the respective email regarding the "Database" name.

my codes go like this:

---the "FORM.Database" are sent when the user hit the submit button and will be sent to this page:----

<cfparam name="FORM.Database" default="1">
<cfquery name="Recordset1" datasource="user_app">
FROM Database
WHERE Database = '#FORM.Database#'</cfquery>

-----i've tried to call "#Email#" at the "cfmail to" but the message wasn't delivered.-----
<cfoutput query="Recordset1"> to="#Email#" </cfoutput>
        subject="New Application Request for Database"

is it ok if i put the cfoutput tag in the cfmail tag; just like i did above?

thank you for giving attention to my problem here.. thanks again.

06-14-2006 @ 11:04 PM
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anytime you have a <CFwhatever> tag, you do not need to specify an output as all ##'s will be rendered

so simply

<cfmail to="#recordset1.Email#" ....>

even if it did take cfoutput, what would happen is if you had 12 emails for the same domain, it would render like

<cfmail to="myemail1@mysite.com" to="myemail2@mysite.com" .... to="myemail12@mysite.com">

however, anything between <cfmail></cfmail> needs to be wrapped in a <cfoutput> else it won't get rendered

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