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01-23-2010 @ 9:58 PM
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<edit> I've screwed up another title again. It was supposed to read "DB's", honest.</edit>

What would you good folk suggest as the best DB I could embed and bundle with proprietary software (a single installer for the lot)? I'm looking at developing a desktop application but it's a highly speculative endeavour and I need to settle on the best DB that won't cost anything to bundle/embed with the software and has a license that allows us to close/protect our code at the very least.

There seem to be quite a few licensing models. It seems like any GNU GPL won't allow us to bundle the GPLed portions with our code, but then there are LGPL and BSD and all sorts of others that offer a glimmer of hope.

As far as DB's go, what would you suggest? I'd love to stay with MySQL but I don't think we can do so without either paying $ or violating the GNU GPL it's licensed under.

Does anyone have any suggestions or can they shed any light on what licenses will  allow us to legally do what we need without being swamped by angry pencil necks from someone's legal dept?

Thanks in advance

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