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02-29-2008 @ 11:05 AM
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This works fine but now I want to add a part in where if the country_count is less that or equal to 5 then the string "Less than #avariable# visitors". I have had a crack at the additional sql-what do I need to do? Thank-you
SELECT clientinfo.countryid, countries.country, COUNT(*) AS country_count
FROM clientinfo
JOIN countries ON clientinfo.countryid = countries.countryid
WHERE month(clientinfo.visit) = #url.monthnowis#
AND day(clientinfo.visit) = #url.daynowis#
GROUP BY country
ORDER BY country_count

but I want to add this which has really been the problem all along:

SELECT CASE WHEN country_count >= 5 THEN country ELSE 'LESS THAN #NEWVALUE# VISITS' END AS country

How do I do that? Thanks

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