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01-10-2007 @ 4:58 PM
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Hi folks...how are you guys doing..well I am going nuts!!

I am trying to connect MS SQL server2000 with CF 5.0

I have a webserver(coldfusion installed)
i have a application server (ms sql installed)
a month ago i was able to connect like this from CF admin :

CF ADMIN > Data Sources > ODBC Data Sources > Microsoft SQL server driver > ADD >
-Data Source Name: Author(table name)
-Server:appserver(server name)
-Login Info-database:datapro(database name)
       CF settings...>
-ColdFusion Login Username: uid(username of the database  password:password for the database



After I hit create it takes a few seconds and then comes up this screen which says:

DataSource Name---------Driver----------------Status  
Author-         Microsoft SQL server driver - failed

Everytime i try to connect with MS sql server it shows that it failed..but with access it is ok.

Can anyone tell me why is it doing this??..cause it was working fine before..Please help me on this..thanks

01-11-2007 @ 7:15 PM
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What you're describing seems a little counter-intuitive to me. To the best of my knowledge you'll either use an ODBC connection or you'll use a SQL Server native connection, but the SQL Server driver is something different.

I recommend you go to the ODBC connections section of Control Panel in Windows and create an ODBC connection to the SQL Server database as a system DSN.

If this succeeds you should be able to reference the ODBC connection directly via Cold Fusion, and there is a problem with the SQL Server native driver provided with CF.


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