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08-21-2009 @ 6:26 PM
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I have a website that people vote for the coolest helmets here


When they click the vote button at the above page they go to a 2nd page that does an insert into an access db and then redirects them back to the voting page to vote again.

Its easy for users to vote numerous times quickly and during the day I have gotten up to 10,000 + votes and I know I will get more.

The problem is when there is heavy usage(voting) the access db locks up, the site becomes unavailable, and usually I get the dreaded .ldb file and then I need to call my host and get them to reboot the server.

My question is, is there any code that I can put around my INSERT statement code that will make the database to wait(hesitate or hold)  until one INSERT is done before doing another?


Is there any other strategy to deal with this issue. I have thought of inserting into multiple data tables or databases based on the time of the vote to allay the problem.

But ideally I would like to somehow code the insert page to hesitate until the database is not in use.

CFLOCK maybe??

08-24-2009 @ 1:17 AM
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Thruth be told, you need to upgrade from Access to MSSQL, MySQL or Oracle.

Access was never really intended for web site usage, and it's a single connection database. This is where you experience the issues you are having. Moving to a real database solution will solve all your issues that you are experiencing and improve performance.


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