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01-18-2009 @ 2:10 PM
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Let me start off by saying that Host Department has always been my first choice in hosting.  With that being said, HD has, as of late, began a downward spiral with their servers.  I've been trying to upload files and suddenly their servers would kick me out and I would be unable to bring up my sites, nor theirs.  Once tech support was contacted, which has always been decently fast, they would assure me that it was a problem on my end and that the servers were fine, however I was able to get to other sites, google, easycfm, etc.  So I cancelled my service with them, converted all of my sites to php and went with HostMonster, which by the ways is a great company, their tech support is quick and friendly, they are always up-to-date with the current technology and their servers are always up.  Though php has been great I still like CF so I went shopping around for hosting and just ended up bringing up a server of my own, however I digress.  Host Department in the beginning was fantastic, though whatever the problem may be, they are no longer what they used to be.  Thanks for reading and I hope you find this article to be of some help.


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