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10-04-2007 @ 7:13 PM
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I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on the better way to deal with multiple sites with the same basic data structure...

Say there's 10 or so sites that have the same database needs -- like 10 state chapters of a group.

Would it make more sense to make 10 databases and handle each one seperately, or just one large database, create a site index key, and go that way?

What about 50 state coalitions?  Any time splitting up the one database into multiple ones makes more sense?

Thanks in advance!

Tim Vickey
Level671, LLC

11-14-2007 @ 5:35 PM
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This post is a little dated, but I just happened upon it and thought I'd be the first to post.  (things are a little slow in this forum Smile  )

This depends on many factors.  If the data for each chapter is very large or has high traffic volume you should probably split into separate DBs.  If the data is the same, or largely the same you could get away with a single DB (assuming the sites are all hosted on the same machine or on the same 100MB+ switch).

You may also choose both.  If site navigation, general content, general news, etc... that is relevant to all chapters are stored in a database you could use a single DB, then have a separate db for anything that is unique to the chapter.

Questions you may need to consider are:
Are the sites running on the same code?
Will any of these sites require separate hosting in the future?
Do you need reporting based on all of the chapters?
Who owns the data? Is there legalities that would require the data to be separated?

I've not had the need to use a single database for multiple sites as in your case, but I have had the need to "publish" common data to be consumed by other sites (i.e. rss/xml feeds, webservices, etc...).  Maybe this would be a better solution in your case?

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