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07-29-2006 @ 8:25 PM
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PLEASE someone help me turn this PHP code into Coldfusion. I hired someone to create this for me in COldfusion, then they sent me this PHP code and dissapeared. I have no money to pay someone again.

    $base_url = 'http://www.imdb.com';
   $search_path = '/find?s=tt&q=';

   $request = $_REQUEST['movie'];

   if (empty($request)) {
        echo 'Movie parameter is empty.';

    // do the searching
    // just download result of
    // http://www.imdb.com/find?s= face="Courier New,Courier,Times New Roman" color="#0000ff">tt&q=query
   $contents = file_get_contents($base_url.$search_path.urlencode($request));

   if (!empty($contents)) {

        // by this regexp tries to extract movie link
        if (preg_match('|<b>
Titles\s*\(Exact Matches\)\s*</b>[\s\S]*?<a\s*href=["\']?([^"\']+)["\']?|i'
                       , $contents
                        , $match)) {

            // if we extracted movie link we add to link "plotsummary"
            // and download review
            $data = file_get_contents($base_url.$match[1].'plotsummary');

           // tries to extract review body from html page
            if (preg_match('|<p class=["\']?plotpar["\']?>
                , $data
                , $m)) {

                $review = $m[1];
                // shows $review
                echo '<b>Review for movie"'.$request.'":</b><br>'.$review;

            else {
                echo 'No review for movie: '.$request;
        else {
                echo 'No review for movie: '.$request;

    else {
        echo 'No review for movie: '.$request;;

I've gotten this far...

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