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08-20-2009 @ 7:51 AM
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I am tsumbled up with asp Code so much extra coding and i am just dumb here:

i have the following code where i am getting into trouble.:

IF Request.Form("option") <> "" THEN

DIM vOpt, vsize, n

vOpt = split(Request.Form("selOption"),",")
vsize = UBound(vOpt)

FOR n=0 TO vsize
IF vOpt(n) > "" THEN
          DIM sqlOptions, rsOpt, vOptID
          sqlOptions="sql query which is eual to "
          sqlOptions=sqlOptions & vOpt(n)
          sqlOptions=sqlOptions & ";"

          Set rsOpt = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
          rsOpt.Open sqlOptions
          IF NOT rsOpt.EOF THEN
          While Not rsOpt.EOF
     IF n=0 THEN
          DCart(page,Item) = vOpt(n)
          vID = vOpt(n)
          DCart(page1,Item) = rsOpt("Name")
          DCart(page2,Item) = rsOpt("Desc")
          DCart(page3,Item) = rsOpt("Net")
     END IF
End if
end if

can u show me what above is happening

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