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09-23-2005 @ 1:48 PM
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Alph Testers needed
Alph Testers needed -- we are about 85% down with our site and we need some beta testers to sign up for an account and enter, edit, delete, and try to break our application.


iRelocated is a contact information web application. Specifically it allows subscribers to instantly communicate new addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information with their family, friends, and business contacts. This tool is essential for ALL of today’s internet users. For example: Hurricane Victims, College students, Frequent Travelers, can use this application to keep everyone informed about new locations and how to contact them.

After signing up for a free account the subscriber adds information they want family and friends to know. This could be something as simple as temporary housing during an evacuation or letting everyone know your new apartment address.

In addition, iRelecated offers many more advanced search features for those friends who have trouble remembering important details – like your name. We allow searching on past addresses, past phone numbers, past email, -- and even nickname for the friendship-challenged.

We understand how important your privacy is therefore you have the option to only show a contact form instead of your current location information if you are returned in a search. This way the individual searching for you can simply send you an email. You are still urged to put all your contact information into our secure database so you can be found by others, but this information does not have to be placed in public view.

iRelocated is also the premiere tool for businesses that are moving or have moved recently. What makes iRelocated such a powerful tool for business is that customers who forgot your business name can search for you using your old or new address. They can also search on your business phone number, fax number or browse by category. Subscribers can also flag your account to get instant email notification if your contact information changes.

iRelocated also offers some new features that make keeping all your information in one easy to use application. We offer an address book for subscribers who want to flag their friends and get an email notification each time they move or change a phone number. irelocated.com



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