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05-02-2010 @ 4:14 PM
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Web app but runs locally...

It's more of a qualitative tool.

Intended users include college students majoring in liberal arts, middle and high school students for English, History, Social Studies etc. subjects...
But probably most of everyone else can benefit from it as well.

And here's the thing:
If the user has some degree of appreciation of the following thought process it's likely that he/she would like it:
It bogs down to how one learns (the learning process):
1) The Focus is WHAT (knowledge and information)
And of the WHAT, what is most important, relevant, only capture these goodies vs. making stuff look pretty...
2) ORGANIZATION (of knowledge and information)
With this tool, it's almost automatic.  Why is it so important, Easy Access!
3) Capability for memory re-enforcement (more useful to students) and transform knowledge into insight (via Concept Mapping etc., useful to all)

Review the tutorials first.

Try it and let me know your thoughts...


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