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05-19-2003 @ 9:08 AM
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Data Management Application for MS SQL Server

Key feature/functionality
* data manipulation (insert / update / delete / select)
* quick and easy access to data
* small set data view / comprehensive, coherent data view
* power search / advanced search
* mechnism for access control (who can access what)
* data transformation / usability enhancement via artificial semantic layer
* user management / administration

General Notes:
* This is a plug-in tool

* Fully functional

* Designed and developed about two years ago on CF5, performs better with CFMX

* Tested against SQL 7 and 2000, shouldn't have problem with SQL 6.5

* The whole application/package may be deemed as a component, to be 'massaged', 'tweaked'
to be used for a bigger, more involved project/system.

* Would be a good starter for a CF shop or a company that seeks new ways of solving database

* Sell as it is, will provide documentation, however, you may need to tweak it to fit your

* Reason for selling not for getting rich but to put bread on the table.

Tech Notes:
* This application does not deal with DDL.  With regard to DML, focus is on data retrieval.

* data transformation / usability enhancement via artificial semantic layer --
e.g. foreign key ID would be represented by more meaningful text that describes the ID.
For instance, for the [ORDERS] table, the foreign key, customerID would be represented by customerName instead, hence, data from [ORDERS] is more understandable.

* Data catpure, insert function works perfectly fine under pre-CFMX, for CFMX you'll have to convince Macromedia to so something about CFGRID and its family tag.

Demo URL is temporarily disabled.
Instead, try another similar utility at URL,

For further information or try the tool on your own database, contact me at donli@yahoo.com. Thanks.

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