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10-04-2003 @ 9:17 PM
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Hi there.

I am looking for a good Product Finder type app to be installed on a webshop, which allows users to select several different categories that define the item they are looking for, press an Update button and get back only those search results that fit all the selected categories.

Good examples of what I'm talking about are at the following URL's:




It doesn't need to be that fancy, and quite frankly it doesn't need to be made in ColdFusion, either. I hope that's not too off topic for a CFM forum, but if I could have the same thing in PHP I would actually prefer it.

It's just that I've been looking everywhere and I can't find what I'm looking for (add to that that I have no clue how such an app is built), and I've noticed that half.com seems to be using ColdFusion... so I figured that stepping into this room full of experienced people and asking my stupid question might help.  Confused

Any and all pointers to any info that might be useful will be greatly appreciated. Question

Thank you!  Smile


10-24-2003 @ 7:15 PM
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so essentially, you are just looking for..... a search page? as thats really what it is, instead of AND OR EXCEPT type pointers, you are just using specifics of the peripheral

so like you have 5 items

Type, Colour, Style, Price
Pen, Blue, Ink Cartridge, £12.99
Pen, Black, Biro, £5.99
Pen, Blue, Biro, £2.99
Pen, Red, Biro, £3.99
Pen, Black, Ink Cartridge, £12.99

you could easily make it so that it does something like

FROM products
WHERE Type = '#form.type#' AND colour = '#form.colour#'

etc, its surprisingly simple

unless ive gotten the complete wrong end of the stick

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12-12-2003 @ 9:52 AM
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Have you found what you were looking for?  If not, please take a quick look at my product, which essentially does what you're looking for, at URL,
Please note, currently it does not provide multiple category selection, per your "fit all the selected categories.", but I can easily accomodate that.

Holiday cheers,

Don Li
Hegel, LLC


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