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04-29-2003 @ 2:22 PM
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I wanted to write to everyone to announce that I have launched the latest EasyCFM.COM Tutorial Sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes will run from April 29th, 2003 to August 15th, 2003.
Then, from August 16th to October 1st, 2003 we will open the voting (from the community and visitors) that will determine the winner!

The winner will receive a DELL Notebook as the prize. Remember that YOU will vote for the winner! So tell everyone to vote for your tutorial! Smile

To be eligible to win, you must submit a ColdFusion tutorial to the site, that's it!

For more information, please visit the site: http://www.easycfm.com

Good luck to everyone (oh yeah, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Smile

Pablo Varando


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