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06-05-2009 @ 6:56 AM
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EasyCFM.COM has changed the way ColdFusion authors get compensated for their work, in the past we would hold contests and sweepstakes and if your tutorial won you would get a prize! We understand that as rewarding and exciting as this is; most people love to get paid for their work (even when they are helping others) no matter what!

With this in mind, we have created a new system to compensate authors posting their work on our site. Every tutorial you post will pay you out real money (based on a few different criterias):

  1. Length of your tutorial - By length we mean how many words exist in the tutorial, how much explanation do you put into it, do you really drive the user to understand your topic, etc. We're looking for the best authors out there, that can provide good explanations of how to do things with ColdFusion, so get creative, explain it in full detail and get paid more money!
  2. Quality of your work</STRONG - We provide bonuses (after-the fact) to the most successful tutorials posted on the site. (and you can get more then one for a single tutorial... so you can continue to make money even after the tutorial has been on the site for a long time!) The bonus structure is based on   feedback from our community, popularity of your tutorial, visitor ratings & feedback, etc). We will track it and then add money to your account instantly for providing high quality work!

So start making some money today, upload your fresh tutorial content and together we'll make EasyCFM.COM bigger and better; but more importantly; get some cash in your pocket!

Calling all authors - Get PAID when you submit....

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