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10-27-2007 @ 1:38 AM
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Whats with all the new ads? [10/27/2007 01:29 AM]

In the last couple of days I added a new advertiser to the site because I am trying to create a system in JavaScript and so I was testing somethings with it... however they went ahead and started putting ads all over the place (even full page ads) and that doesnt fly with me. This community has always limited the number of ads and I intend to keep it that way.

If this has caused anyone an inconvenience; you have my sincerest appologies. I'm just testing some stuff and apparently they thought they could just add more things (I even ran into some "questionable" ads) so again you have my appologies.

The ads have been removed from the site and will nto return Smile

Let me know if you have an questions!

On to better things... the new sweepstakes will be launching soon.. I appologize for my absence; I have been trying to get the free hosting going... more on that coming soon!

More to come...

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