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12-07-2007 @ 3:11 PM
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So I subscribe to a thread (click the 'notify me if anyone replies' button). Overnight 600 people have replied to it, and another 432 to the other thread to which I'm subscribed. OK, so an exaggeration, but you get the point, I hope.

When I open my email, my inbox is flooded with emails, as would every other subscribers inboxes. Seems like a waste of bandwidth for easycfm, and a hopefully avoidable frustration for those anally retentive members like me Wink

Why not a flag that halts future emails after a subscription email has been sent, until the user has visited the thread, at which point the halt flag is removed or set to 0.

And a little messages at the bottom of the emails suggesting 'no more reply alerts for this thread until you visit the thread"

It could get messy with cookies, but that would be good as user doesn't have to sign in b4 visiting the thread to have their flag reset.

Or a UUID assigned to user and their subscription in DB  and passed to the link in the subscription email so once clicked the flag is reset.

Just something to stop the multiple subscriber emails please. Whilst it's great there are replies and new things to learn and discuss, gawd it's a PITA to see all those emails from easycfm flood my inbox.

Chur dat, bro.

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