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08-11-2007 @ 8:11 AM
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Hello to all...

I found this site while browsing around looking for some help.

While I have about 45 sites up and running, I'm STILL a ROOKIE and STILL need help now and then (more now then then it seems).  I never seem to feel like I REALLY know what I'm doing.

So... if I ask a stupid question now and then just bear with me.  It seems when I start pounding code for several days in a row (10+ hrs at a wack)... I get cranky and forgetful, even about life in general. (is that a sign of a TRUE propeller head?)

Oh well, so the story goes...

Thanks for a GREAT SITE and the FANTASTIC HELP I've already received from the PROS.

I sell BubbaStiks too...

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