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04-16-2006 @ 4:47 AM
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hi , I have a another query which is causing me a headache, Well this time, I have something related to the <select> starement

I have my main page where I load the menus from the database, If I display that Menus witha Simple link it Displays Properly, but when I use the m with slect Statement, They are causing Problem.

Detail is:

I have one page which is my home page called index.cfm and I have menu select statement which picks its value from database, but I have created another page where the menu ithems is generated from database, and I include that page in the index.cfm page where the select staement is:

the cide here:

select statement Code in INDEX.CFM:

<select name="menuitems" class="sidebar">
              <option>Select One..</option>
            <td><input type="submit" class="legal" value="Let's Go"></td>

ok now menu code which is located in the new page: called Menus.cfm

<cfquery name="xx" datasource="#source#">
FROM options
<cfoutput query="xx">
<a href="takeme.cfm?action=#name#">#links#</a><br>

ok now how I do this page to act in index.cfm and with the select statement, which picks the value from database but the database source coming from another page.

help will be greatly appreciated.

Gurpreet Singh Randhawa

04-18-2006 @ 1:03 PM
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in your index.cfm

<cfinclude template="Menus.cfm">

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