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10-24-2005 @ 8:40 AM
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Hi, i am new to coldfusion and has build a website which is www.randhawaz.com, actually the site works fine but it has a problem with its scheduling tag, i have prepared a one page whic is reminder page where a usr enters his info and date and time in the field, also, this information is stored in the database.

Then, another page which process the database information from table. as means i query the date time value to now and it will be excuted when a date time matches the dat time in database, the third file is the file in which the scheduling is placed, it covers the whole scheduling tag options when to sent mail and what time and how many times will it run omn daily basis and requesting through HTTPRequest.

now i am having a problem, how coldfusion scheduling tag reads info from database which matches the file and then the other file with scheduling tag, so it executes properly,

i also inserted the file in the appication.cfm it may work but i am having problem in this area, what I do? please tell me as soon as possible in detail..

Thanks in advance

Hope will Build

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